Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to Increase Lung Capacity

Every sports person wants to increase their lung capacity to be successful in sport. Here are some tips to increase lung capacity. 

1. Breathing Exercise – Do some breathing exercises to improve lung capacity. Pushing out, The Oriental Breath, RIB Stretch, Abdominal breathing and Numbered breath are the best breathing exercises and very helpful to improve lung capacity.

2. Physical Exercise – Exercise in water, Cardio Exercise are really helpful in increasing lung capacity.  Doing Exercise in water, push body to work harder to supply the oxygen into blood. Same as with Cardio, do atleast 30 minutes workout, when your body is exhausted, lung works hard. There are so many cardio Exercise, find the best one that suits to you.

3. Breath Deeply – You can also improve your lung capacity by taking deep breaths. User's lung capacity improve much faster. Just stretch your arms and take deep breath and make sure no air left in your lungs.

4. Water Splash on the Face – Hold breath and splash water on your face, accelerates bradycardia. But doing this always use normal water because icy cold water may cause you to hyperventilate and you won't be able to hold breath for long time.

5. Relax yourself  - There are one ultimate method to improve your lung capacity. Take long breath, relax yourself, close your eyes and try to meditate. Relaxation will reduce energy consumption. The less energy you use, the longer you hold your breath. If you wants to find the duration then you can start counting in your mind.

6. Elevation Training Mask – Training mask are the best product to increase lung capacity. You can adjust the incoming oxygen level as per your requirement. It is highly recommended for athletes, who wants to train harder. It comes with 6 air resistance caps to adjust the oxygen level.

If you are an athlete then you should have to go with elevation mask, because it takes your training to the next level and motivate you to go harder.

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